Jan McDonald - Links

Painters of interest - portraiture

Odd Nerdrum - some odd portraits with a lot of character

Victory Wang - he makes skin out of more colors than I believed possible

Helene Knoop - a few unusual portraits are mixed in with a general Bougoureau (?) genre

Ray Caesar - this 3d artist makes macabre Lolitas on LSD. Disturbing, sometimes funny.

Forum Gallery has a number of interesting portrait artists among other things.


General Portait websites

these are mainly commercial portrait painters who pose people, and I find their work too stiff or pretty usually, but I linked these for something of interest.

**Masters of Portrait art - the biggies - Kinstler, Greene, Sanden, Knox, Sherr, Silverman

**Portrait commission group in London - of all these sites, this includes the most experimental portrait artists (mixed in with traditional)

**Stroke of Genius - largest collection of American portrait artists I've found

Andreeva Gallery portrait artists - New Mexico

John Singer Sargent online

Russell Fecchion - Tucson artist

**Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon - Very fine realist painters, a generous website with tutorials

Ann Kullberg - colored pencil

Daniel Greene - one of the biggie, New York Subway paintings

Simone Bingemer - a stylized super-realist, pastels and drawing. Her drawing is somewhat like mine, though more prettified I think

Steven Mickle - Pastel only, largely children. Photographic style

Robert Hartshorn Not a style I like, but some interesting lighting

Bart Lindstrom - one of the big names

Linda Vise - somewhat stylized. I don't like her that much, but I like painting white too.

Vincent Chiaramonte - I like the old veteran, the rest are too posed.

Chris Saper - Phoenix artist, writer. Tends to be overheated but facile

Marvin Mattelson - there's something austere about him that I like sometimes.

Ronald Sherr - see the pencil and pastel heads and very realistic portraits with abstract backgrounds

John Ennis - I only like a few.

Sergei Ostroverhy - very stylized super realist

Tony Ryder - Santa Fe classical realist, teacher

John Howard Sanden - author of portrait book, one of the biggies

Jan DolanStylized, good light

Gwenneth Barth - some good pastels

Morgan Weistling - Bougoureau follower to the max, has some demos

Cristina Troufa - unusual, stark portraits


Pencil portrait sites

There are very few good ones I've found. Some of the artists above do pencil well.

Pencil Drawing Web Ring - lots of sites, sometimes fun to hunt through, but many bad ones.