Jan McDonald - Links

Some favorites

Boingboing - a great site for curiosities of all kinds. Almost a new gem a day. Many of my oddest links were found here, including:

The Museum of Regrettable Food and many other oddities of the 30s through 60s, including a collection of photos. Very funny commentary makes this the mate of the Museum of Bad Art. Go to Home page to see other subjects including The Institute of Official Cheer

Museum of Bad Art - what can you say? This site might be considered mean-spirited, but it's pretty funny.

Thrilling Wonder Blogspot - Large collection of interesting photos and graphics

World Best Websites - Links to a lot of good art museum sites as well as pick of the web designs. Lots of quality digital art sites

The Demotivator Posters - antidote for work madness

Before and after logos - I like a lot of the Befores.The Afters are generally more corporate and polished - not always the best thing.

Proceeding of the Athanasius Kirtcher Society - has to be one of the weirdest sites I've found on boingboing, with an emphasis on antique instrumentation and oddities

The Great Spaghetti Monster - I'm sure I spotted it myself in a tree

Anatomical illustrations from the National Library of Medicine

A really cool optical illusion

Dozens of panoramas including the Himalayas

Plime arts - always has some good links

Dictionary.com's word of the day archive - an indefagitable apologia for fungible but ineffable words. Don't be a flaneur! Study words!

Poodwaddle has the scary world clock and other interesting things like the real age clock. Thought you were only 50? Think again.

krazydad.com is a very inventive, wide-ranging site with an emphasis on flash graphics. A little hard to navigate. See the Whitney Music Box when you want to be hypnotized, see the flash bestiary for a lot of cool graphics including Record your Signature, the hilarious Name Generator (I am definitely voting for the Naughahyde Whiner Portal), and the elegant Mindpower and Color Picker. Very generous with Flash code and advice.

Cool Concept Cars of the Past. I want a Ford Gyron. I REALLY want a Ford Gyron. The most aerodynamic car I've ever seen that still looks like it's sticking its tongue out at you.



** Sites especially worth looking at within their categories

General art sites showing works of artists

World Artist Directory - Works by eclectic group of international artists, good and bad

A list of artist Webrings - Webrings are spotty, but sometimes good

Ask Art - Info about thousands of American Artists

**Art Renewal - Home of Bouguereau enthusiasts and a huge collection of historical realist paintings - most in the best resolution you'll find on the internet


Painters of interest - still life

Xiao Xie - paints stacks of library books and newspapers. Can be seen at a number of galleries including Metivier Gallery.

TR Colletta at camptongallery.com - Stylized still lives of old machinery, scientific equipment, toys.

Daniel Adel - paintings of cloth in motion. The closest kindred spirit I've found to the paper drawings I used to do.

Michael Chapman - odd still lives of sorts with a 30s feel Michael Grimaldi - occasional still lives of antique equipment mixed in with some nice portraiture

Steven Skollar - still lives of antique toys Daniel Sprick - manages to give a new feel to traditional table-top still life -- no small feat


Painters of interest - landscape/cityscape

Francis Livingston - Edward Hopper meets Diebenkorn


Painters of interest - abstract

Gregory Deane - vivid and beautifully textured


Illustration and Cartooning

Illustration and Cartooning blog

Another Illustration blog

Zoological art - an amazing collection of antique posters

Collection of antique Vogue Magazine covers

Flickr - gallery of mid-century illustration

Tales of Future Past - Scans of 30s and 40s sci fi magazine covers

Vladimir Zimakov - expressionist woodcuts

Bigactive.com - a group of very original, disturbed graphic artists, not for the kids. What is it in contemporary art about young girls and predatory sexuality? All the boys who spent their adolescence on video games are sure that's what they missed? Vania Zouravliav has a myspace entry with a lot of other wild links.

Some very weird old advertisements on wierdomatic blogspot (and here's Wierdomatic too)

Polish posters since the 1940s. Maybe it's time for a humanitarian campaign to move Poland south for the winter.

Photos from the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas.


Galleries - mostly figurative since I've been doing portraits and looking for help

Mesarts - a large group of artists, including Pat's friend in Oakland

Wendt Gallery - includes Scott Burdick

Daylight Fine Arts - prints of Jeffrey Larson

Gandy Gallery - classic portrait artists like Sargent

Tirage Art - some figurative work and landscapes

Ann Long Fine Art - realists, scroll down to see images

Eleanor Ettinger - realists

Arcadia Fine Arts - includes Daniel Adel, painter of paper

Florence Academy of Arts - list of links to galleries

Forum Gallery - Modern figurative

Saatchi Gallery - a European physical and online gallery with a wide range of artists

Louis K. Meisel - Photorealists


Art Tutorials of interest


Portait websites


Works of specific artists - general

Diego Rivera murals

Banksy - a stencil graffiti artist

Anamorphous street artist

More anamorphous street art

Kurt Anderson - a Tucson artist who runs First Light Gallery, where I do figure drawing.

Kuksi - a bizarre and macabre sculptor as well as interesting portraitist.


Art stores online

FramingSupplies.com - best prices on cut mats I've found - full line of Crescent mats, acid-free are $1.52 each for 16x20 if bought 4 each with minimum of $100. Frames are Designer Mouldings, a few Nielsen, and Framing Supply brand. I have had some trouble with orders - wrong frame profile or length, but they replaced it quickly. You still can't beat their prices but be sure to order early and check the order carefully if you have a deadline.

Jerry's Artarama - now has a Tempe store so you pay tax and shipping. shipping is pretty high, but prices are low.

Dick Blick - Not as cheap as Jerry's, but has some different things. Now has M. Graham paints, but not as good prices as Art Purveyors

Art Purveyors - Full line of M. Graham (usually 50 percent off) and Silver brushes. Flat rate shipping is reasonable.

Digital Art Supplies - haven't tried them, but recommended in a news group.

Inkjetart.com - Great source of inks and papers and a lot of good info. Very prompt shipping.

Red River papers - Looks like average pricing on inks, and some good papers.